1. Goodwill Living is understanding that because Jesus came to earth, died and was raised again, I have the astounding privilege of life eternal.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.
— Luke 2:14

Upon the arrival of his baby son, how breathtaking is God's choice to send his host of angels to the shepherds for the most elaborate birth announcement ever?  Shepherds were some of the lowest in society. But the extravagance was not wasted. They immediately went. Seeking the Savior. In search of this peace, this good will.

Goodwill Living is life lived in surrender and obedience to a King. 


2. Goodwill Living is pursuing less material wealth and treasure for ourselves in order to free up more for others. You know, "Live simply so others may simply live."

I am passionate about creating a home and environment for my family and visitors that reflects love, beauty and peace. Due to years of tight budgets, my "Goodwill Living" was born from literally that- creating a home and life out of second hand, used, and thrifted things. 

I love it. It's like working a puzzle until it all fits together nicely. Plus, I'm captivated by stories and history, and old things are full of them.

I'm not a professional decorator by any means, but I love creating and working artistically and plan to share some of the thrifted recreations here.