I've come to accept something about my heart.

It sings and soars in drastically varying environments. 

I'm giddy at the thought of a quaint sidewalk cafe, or a cozy coffee shop. Some of my favorite memories were set in those places. Gracious parents have given us the gift of travel, of new cultures, broadening our world perspective. I love adventure and the beauty of cobblestone streets, ancient architecture, and good design.



I think often we run from the hurting and forgotten because we think there is no beauty to be found. 

But it is there that my heart has felt some of it's deepest things, and there that I've been forced to cry our to God in dependency... a good place to be.

So if you are a beauty seeker, remember to not only embrace what most of the world calls beautuful, but also what many have a hard time seeing any beauty at all. At first glace you might not see beauty in the barren and dirty room where refugees meet, but if you look closer, you will find it.

You might not see beauty in the face of an ugly foster care system, but if you spend more time there, look closer, you will be captivated by some of the msot heart-wrenching beauty you've ever seen. 

In the hurting and broken stories our family hears and experiences on a regular basis through my husband's work protecting children from trafficking, and as we care for our foster son and learn more every week about the details of his past, sometimes it's hard to find a place for something like art.