Fair Trade products will always be a bit pricier on our end, but we are paying for better treatment of others.

I use coconut oil all the time for everything from making stove-top popcorn, sauteeing vegetables, or rubbing a little on my skin for moisturizer. It's a very healthy oil with tons of benefits.

Arrowroot is a healthier alternative to corn starch. I use it primarily to thicken soups, but can be substituted in any recipe calling for corn starch.

Maple syrup is what I most often use to sweeten in everything from baked treats to granola to baked beans. It's so much healthier than white sugar. (And remember that maple syrup is a natural sweetener and is entirely different than pancake syrup which is full of High Fructose Corn Syrup.

This is wonderful to have around for recipes that transfer from stove top to oven. I use it all the time. Remember, you can't wash these with soap!

After reading for years about plastics leaching into food and drinks, even BPA free plastics, we've tried to transition to all glass, ceramic, and stainless steel in the kitchen. I use these small mason jars for our kids' drinks.