Goodbye to Tons of Toys & Hello to Lots of Happy Playtime

Yesterday I shared a couple thoughts on beginning the decluttering process. Make sure you read that post first to find out the story behind the purge:

Jump-Starter Tips for a Decluttered Home {Project 1}.

Now we move on to Project 2!

Gather Inspiration: The Boys' Room

After Project 1 it was time to go back to the drawing board. I read the following:

Why I Took My Kids' Toys Away by Ruth Soukup

An Organized Home: Toys by Lindsey Kubly

Go Do

I prepped the boys ahead of time. The three of us worked together loading every single thing in their room, aside from books, minimal decor, and furniture, into big plastic bins we had on hand. I got rid of any broken toys.

I still needed to sort through the toys but, recognizing it would take a few more hours, I was simply determined to get through the first step.

The boys both picked a stuffed animal to keep on their bed, and I pulled out a couple toys to place on their nearly empty toy shelf. They still had a separate shelf full of books next to our cozy reading corner. 

We hauled the plastic bins out of sight.

Within no time we marveled at how amazing their room felt. 

Since Then

For our family, significantly reducing toys in our home has beneficially and noticeably affected how our children play.

(By the way, they have always played wonderfully in others' homes where there are tons of toys. The issues I wrote about in Project 1 were pertaining to our own home with all the stuff they see everyday.)

There were no tears or signs of tragedy. They have hardly asked for any missing toy, and run around "playing pretend" more than ever. The shift took place immediately and I was quite surprised.  

Honestly, the whole process really has felt so much less dramatic than I thought it would. The afternoon of the purge they were in their room happily creating forts with blankets and "reading" books to each other. 

I can tell they enjoy their space so much more. I rotate the toys every few days with the remaining stash stored away. And we spend so much less time picking up.

Plus they have not whined once in over a month.


That's a lie. 

But, I'm telling you, the mental peace that comes from putting them to bed each night in a relatively tranquil space which requires very little maintenance has been significant.

Maybe you don't want to go quite as far as we did, but even if you are looking for a little change I encourage you to check out the links above. I hope you find them helpful and inspiring!