For The Parents Living My Worst Nightmare

I've had this nightmare: We're trying to escape something awful and I'm grabbing on to all three of our children and we are running, doing all we can to get away from it. I'm clamoring to keep hold of their arms and pull them faster. Everyone is screaming and crying. It's horrific chaos.

I wake up sweating, heart pounding. Then I realize it's only a dream.


I was piecing together my monthly Letter a few days ago but I could not escape the worldwide reality. As I wrote about chicken soup and great books I started watching the news coverage and forcing myself to look at the pictures

There in front of me were fellow parents living my worst nightmare.

The images and my necessary response have clung to me for days now. This kind of stuff affects me deeply and I'm always forced to deal with it. So before I send the feel-good stuff, I must mention what's pressing.

I'm sure many of you are aware of this refugee crisis and responding in your own faithful, obedient ways. But in case anyone has missed it, I wanted to send a few helpful links and let you know how we can stand in solidarity with those parents currently living out our very worst nightmares.

A Few Responses: 

1. Take a few minutes, if you haven't, to watch and read and learn about what's happening. It is no doubt a complex problem and most of us won't have the solution. But we all have the capacity to act. What if none of us did anything? Or what if all of us did something?

2. Visit You'll find a concise, comprehensive hub for a response that fits you and/or your church. (This is a newly created site encouraging responders to fill out an interest form; more information will be sent as it's available.) Or go straight to a site like World Relief or Doctors Without Borders to donate.

3. In keeping with the model of my little Art Shop, currently half the profits of all oil painting and fine-art print purchases  will be sent directly to Syrian Refugee Relief Efforts. (I recognize this is so small, but small can still make a big difference -- as many of you have proved with your past purchases, which supported heart surgeries through PLC, and anti-trafficking efforts through Love146.