What's In A Name?

yonder breaks.jpg

Remember history's most elaborate birth announcement - the one delivered to the humble shepherds on a hillside?

Glory to God in the highest! And on earth, peace, good will toward men!

Jesus makes true peace and goodwill possible. That's what he brought to earth.

Fast forward 33 years. Jesus had just been crucified and buried in the tomb.

His friends, all women who were considered second rate citizens in that day, came early in the morning to pay their respects. 

Instead of mourning, they were met by majestic angels.

Why do you seek the LIVING among the dead? He is not here, but has risen.


The common thread here that floors me? 

These stories basically bookend the beginning and the end of Jesus' life. They're both marked by God sending news of epic proportions. And not once, but twice, God chose to deliver his grandest announcement to the humble, the unimportant, the uneducated, the background characters. His way is different than our's.

Last year I read through the Bible studying trust and noted the countless stories where God uses the least likely people from humble circumstances to fulfill his purposes. God's economy is backwards. His way is so counter to our culture's.

I can't tell you how much I love this.

So Goodwill Living is about the last one day being first, and the humble holding the spotlight in God's eyes. It's about focusing less on building my own empire, and instead freeing up more for others.

Jesus came bringing peace and goodwill. He left, not as a dead historical figure, but living.

He still lives and allows us to live the legacy of goodwill.