Goodwill Living.

It's about breaking through the walls of our comfort zones and running free.

It's about standing on the firm reality that endless acquiring and amassing does not result in peace, but a life poured out in Jesus' name does.

It's about embracing our families as immeasurable gifts, worthy of our best. And seeing our homes as central hubs for ministry, whether it's meeting the needs of our families or strangers.

Scripture urges us toward a life rich in good works and generosity, with readiness to share.

Not as a rule, but as a reward.

What is the promised outcome from a life marked by generous love? The privilege of grasping that which is truly life.


I'm Katy Rose, and am especially glad you are here. 

Our family has had an eventful journey, or at least it's felt that way to us. Some seasons have been comfortable and some strenuous, but as I look back it's always those seemingly uncertain steps of faith that fostered the deepest joy.

My husband currently works toward the abolition of child trafficking and exploitation with Love146

We have a couple fantastic and highly energetic boys, and the sweetest baby foster son in all the land. (I answer some questions here about foster care.)

In the past I worked primarily in domestic violence prevention in NYC. Now I'm so grateful to get to spend my days raising little humans and all that entails. Though I've never been stretched and challenged as much, I wouldn't trade these days for anything. 

I am an artist and sell my work here in the Shop. It's my great joy to join with art purchasers in supporting life-saving causes worldwide. (Read more about the important causes supported with 50% of profits in the descriptions of each painting.)

Blogging has been a hobby for ten years, but Goodwill Living is my new online home to share as I continue to learn that a life poured out is a life filled up. 

Thanks so much for stopping by.

  The arrival of our precious foster son.

The arrival of our precious foster son.